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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 11, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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coaster. riders sharing their story today after that accident in six flags in maryland. >> get out the umbrellas. rain and scattered thunderstorms. it could get messy overnight. how it will impact your ride to work, next. announcer: news 4 at 4:00 starts now. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. first at 4:00, a grieving family, a desperate manhunt. there are several details about a 3-year-old girl's killing and the search for the gunman. we go live to darcy spencer. she's in landover with new information for us. darcy? >> reporter: i'm standing across the street from the house where the shooting happened yesterday. if we look, we counted at least six bullet holes in the front of this house, in the siding area. that's where the little girl was killed yesterday as she was here
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visiting some of her cousins. prince george's county held a conference this afternoon. they did confirm that this all stemmed from a dispute over clothing. the suspect, yvonne wallace. he accused an acquaintance of wearing some of his clothing. he left the area and when he came back, he had a gun. that's when police say he opened fire into the house, striking that little girl, 3-year-old. she later died at the hospital. wallace is still on the run. there's an active search going on all day today. they are not going to stop searching until they find her. today, the victim's grandmother talked about how special this little girl is to their entire family. >> we all got a scar that will never heal. we have to live with it the rest of our lives.
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she has three boys and she tried so hard for this girl. she got a girl and he took her away from her. >> reporter: as if the story couldn't become more tragic, we found out the so-called intended target, the teenager that the suspect wanted to shoot was not even in thehouse when he allegedly shot in killing the girl. we are going to have more on the interview with the grandmother and other family members coming up at 5:00. darcy spencer, news 4. now to the latest in the ferguson community outside of st. louis. that's where an unarmed black teenager was shot and killed by police. new today, the fbi confirmed it is looking into possible civil rights violations in the death of michael brown. brown was 18 and supposed to start college today. a st. louis police officer shot him several times on saturday. police won't comment about the details except to say brown had
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no weapon. it sparked racially charged criticism across the nation. a vigil erupted into a chaotic protest with looting and dozens of people arrested. there was a rally today. we'll go live at 4:30. within the past hour, a jury reached a verdict in the murder of a maryland honor student killed on the way to school. trayvon bennett was found guilty in the death of marquel ross. ross was walking to central high school when he was shot and killed during an attempted robbery. he faces life in prison and will be sentenced in october. tracee wilkins will have reaction from the ross family, coming up on news 4 at 5:00. the final step to a beating case that is so brutal, we can't show you most of it. the sentencing is under way right now. he was convicted in may for this attack in downtown bethesda last
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year. they say he would have beaten the victim to death if a passerby hadn't intervened. new evidence indicates that this isn't the only beating he got involved with. we'll have that at 5:00. we'll let you know if there's a decision as soon as it comes in. a nanny faces up to 20 years in prison for stealing more than $400,000 from a family. she pleaded guilty to fraud and identity theft. over the course of two years, she stole more than 100 checks from the family that trusted her to take care of their kids. they lived in montgomery county. she used the money to gamble at a casino and buy a house in africa. she'll be sentenced in october. powered down train delays for a few minutes at the metro station. a ceiling tile came loose on the
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lower level and a handful of tiles had to be removed. it happened after rush hour and power had to be cut to the blue and orange lines for the tile to be taken down. minor delays. no word on what caused this to happen. we are now hearing what it was like for some of the two dozen people stuck up in the air after a roller coaster mishap over the weekend. it happened at six flags in largo yesterday. andre and his friend were riding in the front seat of the joker's jinx ride when it stopped on the tracks. they say they both had ridden the ride before. it looked like something was wrong before they got on board. >> the ride before us, i saw it not make it too much. it was really slow. i had a feeling about it, but then, you know, i want to ride it. it's one of my favorite rides. >> reporter: you have been on the ride before? >> plenty of times. >> there's an investigation
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under way to determine what went wrong. news 4s adam tuss will have more with the two riders coming up at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight as well as a closer look at the inspections for the ride. right now, it is hot and sticky out there. the clouds, guess what? they are rolling in on cue. chuck bell is tracking rain heading our way. we hear it could get nasty. >> yeah, it could be sloppy for the early morning commute on the way to work. keep that in mind. rain drops for some of us tonight. the clouds moved into washington. most, if not all areas will be wet by midnight. rainy, stormy weather for tomorrow. we are under a slight risk for severe storms on tuesday. there's a live picture outside, full cloud cover over loudoun, fairfax and montgomery counties. 82 in reston. 83 downtown and 83 in bowie
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right now. no drops on the beltway. you don't have to go far before you get rain on i-81 in martinsburg. the drops west of warrenton are moving into the d.c. metro. have your umbrella ready to go if you are headed out for dinner on the town this evening. again, a slight risk for severe to strong thunderstorms tomorrow. more on that in a few minutes. a drugstore robbery caught on tape. the thief doesn't get away without losing a few items of clothing. tony stewart hits and kills a fellow driver during a race. there are questions today over whether the crash was intentional. spokesperson: get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card
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off his back. take a look at this. how this guy got away after hopping the counter at a cvs store in northwest washington. police released the video today. it shows a man bolting through the doors at cvs. it happened on thursday. it looks like a store worker tried to stop the man by grabbing his shirt, but the shirt ripped off. the suspect got away. police don't say what the suspect stole from the store. new insight from an insider this afternoon at the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife, maureen. the governor's chief of staff took the stand. julie carey reports from the courthouse in richmond. >> reporter: bob mcdonnell's chief of staff had constant contact with his boss but he says he was entirely in the dark about the gifts and loans.
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it's testimony that could benefit both sides in the case. >> required to be here and i'm here. >> reporter: star scientific wasn't on his dharun till august 22nd. they were poised to issue a press release about the dietary supplement and the release appeared to say it would happen at the mansion with the governor and first lady's blessing. staffers made sure the company revived the news release. after that, it wasn't until news broke of the investigation into the gift scandal involving with the governor that he learned about williams andtar scientific. he asked if he ever asked the governor about reports he accepted a loan. testified kent, i went to his office and asked generally about loans. he said it wauz matter he was discussing with his council. the fact governor mcdonnell was keeping quiet about star scientific could help
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prosecutors show the governor was, indeed, trying to hide something, that he felt he was doing something wrong. on the flip side, defense can show the governor never asked martin kent to do anything on behalf of star scientific. coming up, the strange way governor mcdonnell once ended a meeting with top staffers. it had to do with a bottle of the drug. >> julie has been following the trial since the beginning. she's tweeting every day, follow her. just how does frequent pot smoking affect a teenager's brain? a bizarre crash rocks nascar. how tony stewart's race car hit
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no sign of criminal intent. that's the word this afternoon from investigators looking into the deadly crash on a racetrack. >> tony stewart hit and killed driver kevin ward jr. after the confrontation on the track. stewart says there aren't words to describe his sadness over the accident. we have more on the tragon the trk. >> reporter: criminal charges haven't been ruled out. law enforcement says they are not likely. >> there are no facts in hand
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that sub stan shat or support criminal activity on the individual. >> reporter: what went wrong when stewart ran over kevin ward during a dirt track race in up state new york. he stck him during the nighttime race causing ward to wreck. witnesses say ward got out of his car and appeared to be confronting stewart when his car hit and ran over him. jeff burton is a fellow driver and nbc analyst. >> i see a lot of emotion taking over after a tragic accident. everybody has to deal with the end result. >> reporter: the end result of the dirt track monday was a makeshift memorial to ward as well as fans stopping by and weighing in. >> there should be rules if the car is not on fire or reason to get out of the car, stay in the cars. >> reporter: saying there aren't words to describe the sadness,
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stewart pulled out of the race sunday and hasn't said whether he'll compete this sunday in michigan. there may not be criminal charges, there could be a wrongful death lawsuit from ward's family. turning now to the weather, which turned wet in parts of the region. are we all going to get rained on tonight? >> pretty much. if you haven't gotten rained on already, prepare now for the reality you are going to get wet sooner rather than later as rainshowers to the west continue to make steady progress ever eastward. it should be a fairly dry early commute home for friends and neighbors and family members. the later it gets the more likely you are going to run into the rain drops. here is storm team 4 radar. no rain inside the beltway. you can see on the broader picture, plenty of rain on skyline drive. zoomed on to washington. can't rule out sprinkles on the beltway. not a lot in the way of rain.
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steadier rains aren't far away. raining from manassas to the brettsville area and prince william county. i-66 westbound up to front royal where the rain drops are in place. shenandoah, page county, all seeing the rain drops at this point and time. you can see the list of rainshowers all but guarantee everyone is going to be wet before 9:00 tonight. many places are already on the wet side. there's plenty more moisture where this came from. low pressure spinning over the great lakes has a fetch of warm and and moisture in our direction. thunderstorms across west virginia and southwestern virginia. we have our own threat of thunderstorms tomorrow. keep that in mind as well. tomorrow, rain and possibility of strong to severe thunderstorms. cloudy skies and rain free in washington. 83 for a temperature. 49% humidity.
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that humidity being so low is the reason it's not already raining here. temperatures, it depends where you live. it's in a rain-cooled 60s from winchester to front royal. low to mid-80s across washington and the western shore and bay. the good night forecast inside the metro, clouds increasing. rain after 8:00 or 9:00 at the latest. the weather impact tomorrow will be moderate. rain could be heavy at times and thunderstorms are likely tomorrow. here is the future weather forecast. by 8:00, the drops coming into the metro. not a lot of rain before midnight. after midnight, before 5:00 a.m., a solid batch of rain comes through through the heart of the commute. showers likely and thunderstorms likely from mid-morning to mid to late afternoon. here is the first check of the four-day forecast. 79 with rain. 100% chance tomorrow. then we dry out very quickly back to the mid-80s wednesday
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and thursday and friday look great. we'll talk about the weekend. everyone wants to hear about the weekend on a monday. >> we want it warm. >> that's right. >> some of us like it warm. >> notice this plan ket. we are doing a hashtag contest. it's #nbcthermostatwars. we deal with it every day. >> it's a battle. >> she has her blanket, i have my water and fan. we juggle with the thermostat. every summer it happens. let us know what you think. we are starting to trend on twitter. we are just weeks away from the first day of school in maryland. the health department wants to remind you of the rules regarding immunizations. starting in the fall, kindergarten students are required to have two chickenpox vaccinations. seventh graders have to have one
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tdap and one meningitis vaccine. student who is don't show proof may not be able to go to classes. teenager who is use pot regularly could be hurting their brain function. marijuana can damage the part of their brain linked to intelligence. researchers looked at brain images of pot users and found abnormality in the green matter. marijuana has been linked to poor attention and memory loss. 6% of all high school students, 30% of all college students admit to use zing pot. it's been a difficult journey. details about tracy morgan's struggle to get better after a crash. >> duane "the rock" johnson's heart felt message after his mother is hit by a drunk driver. >> nothing but screams around nat's park tonight.
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♪ well, nats fans could be
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hearing the best song ever. one direction is playing at 7:00 straight up. doors open for the show at 5:00. if you are driving in that neck of the woods, expect heavy traffic. look for closed streets and police directing traffic. another music star is making headlines today for a business venture. ♪ global superrapper, pit bull will have his own music channel on siriusf they'll play his music from the years and personal selection of music he enjoys. known as mr. worldwide, he has a number of number one hits in 15 countries. fans can expect the channel to debut in early 2015. a powerful message from "the rock" about a car accident involving his mother. he posted this picture after his
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mom and cousin were struck head-on by a drunk driver. the one-time professional wrestler said his first reaction was to do harm to the drunk driver. then, the most important thing was his family lived through it. hug your family, tell them they are loved t. post ends with a reminder drunk drivers are preventable, #choicesmatter. tracy morgan's lawyer tells matt lauer morgan is still struggling two months after the accident. the former "saturday night live" comedian and three others were riding in a van that was hit behind by a walmart truck. the wreck killed a friend and injured two others. morgan is suing walmart. they should have known the
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driver drove more than 700 miles to get to work. >> he is not the only one that drives hundreds of miles to get to work. they have to make sure this doesn't happen. >> the truck driver pleaded not guilty to criminal charges. a gh end department store accused of following shoppers around the store. how much they are settling for profiling. missouri police shoot and kill an unarmed teenager.
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right now at 4:30, an angry crowd confronts police in missouri chanting, don't shoot, after an unarmed teenager is shot and killed by police. the mother of the toddler who died in a hot suv is speaking ouday. complaints they followed black customers through their store. a first at 4:30, a grog outcry and and demand for answers in missouri. >> after a night of protests, there was another big rally today as local and federal authorities investigate the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager at the hands of a police officer. >> jay gray is just outside st. louis, missouri with the latest on 18-year-old michael brown's case. jay?
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>> hey, there pat, jim, good to talk to you. this is where the worst violence and looting took place. they are boarding up and cleaning up what they can here. tensions are high now after an unarmed teenager was killed by police over the weekend. angry protesters filled the streets and are not going to leave until they know how and why this happens. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> reporter: ferguson, missouri continues to be a city on edge. for the second straight day, protesters filled the streets of this suburban st. louis, missouri city demanding actions and answers after this 18-year-old was killed. >> he turns his body this way, hands in the air, compliant, gets shot in his face. >> reporter: a vigil for the 18-year-old turned violent overnight. protesters turning their frustration on downtown businesses, lighting fires,
4:32 pm
looting and shattering windows, much of it caught on security cameras. today, city leaders urge protesters to stay calm and punish justice as the concern of what comes next continues. >> i have enough confidence in our community. i have lived here my whole life. i am planning for worst case. >> reporter: police said little publicly about the deadly confrontation that started inside an officer'sehicle and spilled out on the street where brown was shot multiple times. >> you are not god. that was mine. that belonged to me. >> reporter: now brown's memory b angry, grieving community that can't understa why he'son michael brown's mother publicly called for calm as the investigation moves forward. an investigation that includes the fbi. live outside st. louis, i'm jay
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gray, news 4. barney's is accused of racial profiling at their store in new york city. now the retailer is being penalized. barney's agreed to pay $525,000 to settle the complaint. last year, several customers complained they were singled out for shoplifting because they were minorities. the retailer plans to hire a profile consultant to train staff and sales security staff. a fight is brewing online between amazon and disney. why you may not be able to access some beloved movies. >> reporter: fixing your credit score. it can be done. i'll show you how to up the number in as little as 48 hours. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist, chuck bell, the clouds moved in and the rain chances, they are coming back indeed. best chance for rain this week will be coming up for tomorrow. after that, it looks like it might be smooth sailing toward the weekend.
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with a $15 purchase. another big auto maker is issuing a recall. this time, it's volks waggen. 150,000 have the possibility of stalling. volkswagen says it involves it
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fuel pump. gas bubbles can form if winter fuel blends are used in summer months. vw has no reports of anyone being injured. captain america is a movie that is popular with teens. you won't be able to get your hands on the dvd through amazon anytime soon. they stopped taking pre-order frs some disney movies including captain america. amazon and disney are in the middle of negotiating contract rights to the movies. while you can't order the dvds, amazon is allowing pre-orders for digital downloads of the movies. how are you doing your kids back-to-school shopping this year? online or in the store? this year, most parents are doing both with a twist. they are researching products online and buying in person. the trend is web rooming. it's years after retailers match
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prices with online competitors. shoppers say they want to see the item in person and avoid shipping costs. retail analysts say store and online shopping go hand in hand. >> even if you are a retailer selling 5%, 10%, 20% of goods online, the converse of that is 80%, 85%, 90%, 95% sold in the store. the store is still important. >> the national retail federation expects it average family to spend $670 on back-to-school shopping this year. it's up 5%. credit scores. the three digit number that is help lenders determine whether or not you are eligible for a loan and how much interest you will pay. >> erika gonzalez janes us with ways to improve your score right now. >> no one wants a low credit score, especially if you are applying for a mortgage or
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if you can't reach the 30% ratio, you might not be able to do that quick turn around and may need a few more months to get finances in order before you make the big purchase. in the meantime, continue to pay down debts to the best of your ability. we have more information about all of this and ways to improve your credit score by heading to and searching credit score. if you have a story idea for the news 4 consumer watch, send us an e-mail at you can call your ideas in at 202-885-4884. coming up at 5:00, we are going to reveal the fastest g w growing scams in the c, iding hti cloo hfot local commuters. that's at 5:00 tonight. how quickly it goes. the last few weeks of summer vacation are upon us. now, there's a new push to start
4:41 pm
school after labor day. new at 4:00, girl power. meet the pitching fee nom pitching in the boys little league series. this family's reaction is priceless after a bear makes a splash in the family's kiddy pool.
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right about now, many kids
4:44 pm
might be feeling the end of summer blues soon. they are going to be heading back to class. >> summer comes quickly. peter franchot has a plan to delay the start. he wants to push the start of school to after labor day. derrick ward reports on what some parents think about the plan. >> reporter: let kids be kids and summer be summer. that's part of the reason behind feeter franchot's reason to start school after labor day instead of in august. he believes it will be cheaper for the state and better for family cohesion. some agree on that. >> starting after labor day to make the most of summer. >> reporter: since there's a labor daybreak anyway, it makes more sense. >> going to school, then coming back. >> yeah, you always take that monday off, don't you, right after.
4:45 pm
it makes sense to end later in june. >> reporter: that's a meriad of questions. >> there's things we haven't thought about. day camp and summer programs for kids. >> reporter: there are two dozen school systems across the state which may have their own consideration and a shorter school year. >> more time for the students to take advantage of the time to study, to learn more. >> reporter: that's one of the reasons the idea isn't popular with teacher's unions. guess who liked the idea unconditionally and can sum it up in one word? >> fun. >> reporter: the entertaient industry and hotel industry is behind this. they would see more in revenue if it's put off a couple weeks. peter franchot is going to start a petition and forward it to the governor. he's going to start on thursday.
4:46 pm
derrick ward, news 4. >> calvert and st. mary's start next week. in virginia, many schools already start after labor day, including fairfax, alexandria and loudoun counties. off the coast of hawaii, there is a rescue under way to save three people on a sinking ship. it was caught in hurricane julio. it blew away a hatch and life raft. the ship's pump can't keep up with the water swamping the ship. hurricane julio passed by hawaii with damage limited mostly to trees and power lines. >> nothing like that. parts of alabama cleaning up from storms that bew across the state. this is what it looks like in decatur. it turned roads into rivers. look at that car, washed into a ditch. wind damage was reported throughout that region. if you were out and about
4:47 pm
last night after dark, you probably couldn't miss this. the moon. it was known as the supermoon. nasa says it was the biggest and brightest it's been in 20 years. a supermoon happens when a full moon coincides with the closest approach to earth. tonight, catch the meteor shower. they are expected to meet peak with 100 shooting stars across the night sky. that should be a show. >> i got out there at 7:55 and it was too cloudy. tonight, are we going to have the cloud cover? >> yeah. you won't see meteor showers, you'll see rainshowers, unfortunately. the meteors may last a couple more days. sky watchers, take heart. tomorrow night might be better. the night after, close to the end of the meteor shower. you may have a chance of s a shootinst otwo. for now, this is all cloud cover outside. storm team 4 radar continues to
4:48 pm
show the light rain moving through the shenandoah valley and parts of northern maryland now. this is all inbound into the d.c. metro here for the second half of the rush hour this afternoon and evening. it will be a wetter rush hour in virginia than in maryland, but not by much. it's arriving later in maryland. moderate showers northwest. martinsburg, west virginia. i-81 and i-66 is wet. into the city of fairfax, then dry from there on in. everyone is going to be wet by 8:00 or 9:00 at the latest. have your umbrellas ready to go. overnight loys generally holding in the upper 60s and low 70s. it's going to be a mild night. cloudy, mild, light to moderate rain. be ready for the morning commute. tomorrow afternoon, high temperatures hold in the upper 70s to barely near 80 degrees. there will be rain, heavy at times, possibility of strong to severe thunderstorms tomorrow as well. keep that in mind as you are
4:49 pm
planning. how much rain might we get? a lot of rainfall. some places could get north of two inches of rain or more. be ready for the potential of moderate to heavy rain during the course of the day tomorrow. showers moving in tonight and sticking around all day tomorrow. sun up to sun down rain chances on your tuesday. seven day forecast time. that's it for rain. all of it is stacked up on your tuesday z. skies clear out wednesday. thursday, friday, into the weekend look amazing. saturday and sunday, highs in the mid to upper 80s. we'll be back near 90 by early next week. >> thanks, chuck. who says kiddie pools are just for kids. look who's taking a dip. this fella felt at home. these kids saw the bear and called their dad. he graped the camera.
4:50 pm
the little girls couldn't believe their eyes and tried to express their excitement. >> whoa! >> uh-huh. >> it's going to take it. >> apparently the bear lost interest, hopped the fence and decided to go its way. the family is back in their pool. >> if they were all that friendly. >> you saw katy win gold and america's hearts at the london games. at 15, she was the youngest member of that team. but, it seems she was just getting started back then. now, she's 17 and just set a new world record and as natalie morales reports, she shows no signs of slowing down. >> reporter: when katy jumped into the pool saturday, the pressure was on. at stake, the fastest time in the 400 meters freestyle race.
4:51 pm
a record set in 2009, when italy's fredricka completed the swim in 3:59. >> i knew i could come close. i just wanted to put forth my best effort and see what could happen. >> reporter: after a strong start, she struggled during the last deg of the race. with help from the stands, she brought home the win. since she secured gold in the 800 meter freestyle at the london olympics, she set and broke five world records. >> she won four gold medals last summer at the championship. she's unstoppable. >> she was named 2013 swimmer of the year. peers in the pool are taking notice. >> for somebody as talented as she is, it's on the line. it's good to see somebody who is hungry. >> there's one word to describe her, unbelievable. >> reporter: not one to let the xwitment get to her head, she's
4:52 pm
staying focused. >> i'm going to have the same mind set going into the olympic trials in 2016 that i did in 2012. anything could happen. >> reporter: while anything could happen, the 17-year-old is on pace to be one of the greats. >> we are in a renaissance of swimming right now. katie now is on par with maybe the greatest names in history as far as any type of swimming. >> wow. it's hard to believe she hasn't graduated from high school and she's accomplished so much. sadly for us, she's going off to college, not too far from the d.c. area. >> she's going to stanford university. they are known to have a great swimming program. they will be glad to get her. >> a big decision for her. so humble and grounded she is. >> yeah. every summer, youth baseball players aund the world hope for a chance to play in the little league world series. >> most of the players are boys. this year, one girl is pitching her way to the top.
4:53 pm
we have the story. >> we have heard the saying, you throw like a girl. well, if you throw like monet davis, that's a great thing t. 13-year-old from philadelphia pitch add shut-out this weekend. she struck out six batters in the shut-out against delaware in the final. it's her second win of the regional. she struck out 10 in the previous victory. davis will become the 18th girl in 68 years. it starts thursday in pennsylvania. she and her teammates in disbelief about making it to this stage. >> unbelievable. it's like a kid from philly, now williamsport. unbelievable. i considered it a regular game. i helped my team get a win. >> earlier in the day, emma
4:54 pm
march qualified. it will be the third time two girls will be part of the same series. back to you. >> thank you, jason. the mother of the georgia toddler who died inside that has hot suv is speaking out today. >> new at 5:00, back-to-school for hundreds of new teachers. we'll show you where their bags are packed and the notebooks are already out, ready welcome back your kids.
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new developments in the case of the georgia toddler who died in a hot car after his father left him there. prosecutors are considering the boy's mother more of a victim than a suspect. now, she is speaking out. she says she lives a tortured existence. the death of my son is still unreal, she writes. not a moment goes by when i don't think about him or what our future would have held. they are in victim pact forms sent by the district attorney's office. the documents suggest she is not a suspect in her son's death. >> she's a victim of a crime. indicates to me they are looking at her in that regard. her husband, ross harris, was charged with murder in june after police say he intentionally left his son, cooper, inside the scorching suv the same day he was sexting with several women. he pleaded not guilty, claiming
4:58 pm
he accidentally forgot to drop him off at day care. >> whatever issues transpired in our marriage are between us and god. he will judge our moral sins. >> this is not a statement she's been cleared. >> reporter: she's never been named a suspect or charged with crime, public scrutiny of her intensified after the testimony about a conversation she had with her husband. >> she had him sit down. she looks at him and said did you say too much? >> her lawyer won't discuss her specific comments. >> she had nothing to do with this. >> reporter: she's standing by her husband saying quote, ross was a wonderful father. he never would have knowingly allowed harm to come to our son. >> as for the impact forms, it is required by law to send them to all victims or their next of kin. right now, at 5:00, a
4:59 pm
3-year-old girl shot and killed by a stray bullet. >> we all got a scar that will never heal that we have to live with the rest of our lives. >> for the first time today, we learned why the gunman started shooting. also, a new view. a thrill seeker getting more than he bargained for when he gets stuck for hours on a roller coaster at six flags. what it was like being trapped 75 feet in the air. how a local nanny got away with stealing close to $500,000 from the family that trusted her for years. first at 5:00, six bullet holes remain in a home where a toddler was shot and killed. the gunman is still on the run. the intended target wasn't home at the time of the shooting. this 3-year-old was at the home and was hit and killed by a stray bullet visiting family. a senseless death.
5:00 pm
more baffling because the fight started over clothing. news 4s, darcy spencer live in landover with the new reaction from the little girl's family. darcy? >> reporter: jim, i'm standing across the street from where the shooting happened yesterday. we can clearly see the bullet holes in the siding. we spoke with family members for the first time today of the little girl. she was about to turn 4 years old. she was a happy child. she loved everyone. everyone loved her. her mom had three sons. she desperately wanted a little girl. she finally got her. now, she's gone. >> my grandbaby. i loved her so much. >> reporter: the grandmother of the 3-year-old can't believe she's gone. >> we all got a scar that will never heal that we have to live with the rest of our lives. >> reporter: the man wanted for the murder, she wants him to face the maximum


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